I’m Carolyn, an entrepreneur and writer who consults purpose-driven companies big and small on how to connect with their communities and target audiences. I help them clarify their goals, branding, and strategy; and I create campaigns, copy, and content. I believe in powering ambitious, world-changing ideas with creativity and collaboration.

Are you looking for clarity, copywriting, digital strategy, or a good old-fashioned brainstorm? 

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What else?

Hanging out on the internet! This is an extra good idea if you like seeing links to heady articles and pictures of homegrown flowers and vegetables. 

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Bonus facts about some things I've done, since you're still here!

LaunchedLux, a multimedia literary journal 

Produced: radio story “A Kitchen of One’s One” 

Traveled: Chile, Peru, Argentina, Alaska, trains, Spain, Morocco, Western Europe, Budapest, Montreal 

Organized: Taco Talks, a monthly salon series 

Discovered: How to open the impossible pistachios 

Trained in: Integrated marketing (University of Chicago); Digital organizing (New Organizing Institute); strategic communications (Spitfire); fundraising (NorthStar Foundation)

Published: my college application essay; a story about James Franco 

Translated: a country ballad into Spanish  

Taught: elementary school writing workshops in Chicago; teen workshop at Sarah Lawrence

Collaborated: with a visual artist on a poem series for the "All-Night Bookstore" gallery project

Competed: in a haiku duel 

Speaking or Appearing: speaker at HOW Design conference; Nathan Detroit in Guys & Dolls; KGB for Anderbo; Oh, Bernice!; Dead Rabbits Reading Series

inspired by Danielle LaPorte.