Coney Island Amusement Game

"The Dueler" 

Men, fight for a woman's love or defend her honor, without having to risk arrest!

This fake knight in shining armor is tough competition — he's handy around the fuse box, he quotes poetry, looks good in a tight shirt, and makes your girlfriend blush when he bats those long lashes at her.

But are his mechanically waving arms and slow-moving fists any match for your speed and wit? 

Give him a few punches and swift kicks to the shin, and activate those primal feelings of lust and admiration that no lady, no matter how sophisticated, can resist. Sure, she doesn't want to see you get hurt, but that doesn't mean she won't enjoy seeing you fight!  

(Tequila shots optional and sold separately.)

Art piece, June 15, 2017

A Tale of New Orleans